Richard Moberly, LMT, (FL. license MA 69707), began in the healing arts as a Registered Nurse in 1976.  Having been raised in a very conservative, rural, farming community in central Illinois, he only knew of Western medicine care.  It wasn’t until several years after he moved to Arizona in 1985 that he was introduced to energy work.  Richard began training as an energy practitioner in 1995 and he realized that he had innately and very naturally been using healing touch throughout his nursing career without recognizing it.  While treating his own cancer of the prostate using a combination of Eastern practices, chiropractic, massage, herbs and minerals, he became a firm believer in “alternative or complementary therapies”.  His Western medicine physician also opened his mind to the possible benefits of alternative medicine when Richard’s five year check up demonstrated no signs of cancer.  The same results came with a ten year follow up.

Desiring an occupation which could be continued long into his retirement from the administrative positions he has held, Richard achieved his Massage Therapy license in 2012 in order to establish a personal practice and provide Reiki and massage within the framework of current Florida law.  He has effectively combined the two modalities into a practice where each complements and augments the effects of the other.  Currently, he is Reiki II attuned, and he plans to become a Reiki Master  in the very near future.

Richard’s greatest satisfaction is being able to provide relief from dis-ease for his clients and assist them to walk away from their treatment session feeling improved and more relaxed than when they walked in.  He frequently hears the client say,  “How did you do that?” in reaction to the release of contracted and painful muscles.  The best explanation which can be offered is that he has found the ability to set aside his ego, become a “hollow vessel” and allow the universal energy to flow and be guided where needed by the powers that be.  Blessings!

Mission Statement


The mission of Glowing Hands Massage and Energy Healing is to promote wellness, relaxation and healing to anyone who is feeling dis-ease within the physical, emotional, spiritual or etheric bodies.  This is accomplished by identifying the specific needs of the individual and applying appropriate techniques of massage therapy and energy work to effect the greatest benefit for each client.