What can I expect on the first appointment?

After greeting you, we will need to take a few minutes for you to complete the medical history or intake form (if not all ready completed in advance).  This will be reviewed with you to do two things:  help to identify any problem areas that you would like to be addressed and assure that you have no conditions in which massage therapy is contraindicated.  After assessing your current condition, we would then proceed with the therapy needed and create the plan together for subsequent appointments to be scheduled.

Why would I need to schedule subsequent appointments?

Our bodies endure a great deal of physical and often emotional stress on a daily basis.  Additional stress may occur with poor posture, improper ergonomics at work or home and accidents of some sort.  The benefits of massage may not be fully realized in just one session.  Depending on the specific type of problem, it may take several sessions closely scheduled to effect relief.  The tissues of the body have a “memory”.  When progress is made to return the muscles to their original healthy state, if that is not reinforced by continued therapy and changes in lifestyle, the muscle memory will return the muscle to the contracted or dis-eased state.  A regular schedule of body work is a good practice to not only achieve but maintain the freedom from dis-ease.

Do I have to be naked?

For the Reiki only sessions, you will remain fully clothed.  In order to receive effective massage therapy, it is required that you disrobe to the least amount of clothing for your comfort level.  At all times draping material will be used to protect your privacy and modesty.  I will always verbally check in with you before entering the massage room to assure that you are fully draped before my entry.  Glowing Hands Massage operates with the highest sense of integrity, ethics and professionalism.  At no time will inappropriate behavior be tolerated by the therapist or the client.  Each has the right to end the session immediately.

Can I expect to feel any discomfort or pain?

The goal with both therapies is to relieve you of any discomfort you may be experiencing.  You would never feel any physical discomfort from the Reiki session.  If you are experiencing pain from muscle tightness, the goal with the massage is to encourage that muscle to relax.  Performing massage so deeply that pain or discomfort is created is counter productive.  When pain is experienced, the muscle’s natural reaction is to contract.  That is not what we want to happen.  Occasionally when providing deep tissue or Trigger Point release work there may be some discomfort as the area is eased to release and some residual muscle soreness may occur, which will subside in a day or two.  This discomfort is often referred to as a “good” pain or discomfort

What is Reiki or energy work?

Reiki is a hands-on and sometimes hands off ancient healing technique from Far East Asia.  Everything in the universe is energy–from the smallest cell in the body to rocks.  The human body has seven main energy centers called Chakras.  Energy work often includes working with the Chakras to create balance and harmony within the energetic system.  Energy meridians may be blocked or functioning below or above optimum level for some reason.  The Reiki practitioner allows the universal energy or healing light to pass through their body and direct it for the highest good of the recipient.  The body knows where it is needed and automatically utilizes the energy to its benefit.  For further information regarding available techniques, please visit the Services/Treatments page.