Relaxation or Swedish Massage:

This is the most common type of massage when one thinks of massage.  The massage therapist works the entire body with the intention of providing an atmosphere to assist the client to relax the body, mind and spirit.  The therapist applies techniques to encourage the muscles to relax and stretch back to their normal position relieving soreness and tightness in the body.  The result is a sense of relaxation and generalized well being.

Deep Tissue Massage:

Deep Tissue Massage provides a combination of relaxation massage with more muscle specific techniques for muscles that are contracted, tense and painful.  There may also be areas of the fascia and/or belly of the muscle which are knotted and feel like a frozen pea under the skin.  These are called Trigger Points.  The pressure applied to the individual muscles and Trigger Points is more intense and the therapist slowly works with the muscle to relax and lengthen.  Trigger point work generally must be accomplished slowly over several sessions in order to be effective, lasting and not induce pain or residual soreness.  The trigger points developed over a period of time of repeated stress of the area, therefore, will only restore to a normal state over a period of time.  The therapist will also provide flexion and stretching exercises to the joints and muscles to assist in stretching the muscles.  It is important for the client to drink several glasses of water and rest the muscles after this type of massage.  As the muscles relax, they need to rid themselves of the lactic acid and other waste materials that were being held in the contracted muscle tissues.

Reiki/Energy Healing:

Reiki can be used in multiple ways.  It is very effective to encourage a contracted muscle to relax and oftentimes is more effective than deep tissue massage.  Reiki is also more comfortable for the client.   More often, Reiki techniques are used to assist the body to regain balance in the Chakras and restore  balance throughout the body.  There are specific techniques which may assist the body to:

  • store up extra energy in the abdomen to be available to draw from this reservoir as needed,
  • release energy blocks
  • relieve a client suffering from a migraine headache,
  • assist the client to be “tuned up” prior to a surgical procedure,
  • promote a generalized feeling of wellness and relaxation,
  • Energy work may also assist the client to release pent up emotions which were never expressed after a traumatic emotional or physical occurrence.  The empathic therapist, can direct the client to bring these emotions to mind and assist in their release.  This can be a very intense emotional release, however once completed the client experiences a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Benefits of Massage: 

Relaxes the body

Lowers blood pressure

Slows respiration

Stretches connective tissue

Loosens tight muscles

Stimulates release of endorphins

Reduces swelling

Increases blood and lymph flow

Reduces mental stress/anxiety

Promotes quality sleep

Induces mental relaxation

Improves concentration/productivity

Enhances self image

Provides a feeling of well being